• Airfix Kits
Choose from a wide range of Airfix kits.
• Sequin Art
Use sequins to create beautiful pictures.
• Paint By Numbers
Create paintings with a little help from numbers.
• Scraper Foils
Scrape away the lines to show the image beneath.


• Matchcraft

All you need to create a model from matchsticks.

Jigsaw Puzzles
All ages covered in the extensive range


• Hama Beads
Make colourful characters and pictures with beads. 

Opening Hours

Monday 9.45am-5.00pm
Tuesday 9.45am-5.00pm
Wednesday 9.45am-5.00pm
Thursday 9.45am-2.00pm
Friday 9.45am-5.00pm
Saturday 9.45am-5.00pm